The MS Fitness Challenge

Louis A. Cona M.D.
Updated on
Dec 13, 2022

The MS Fitness Challenge

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The MS Fitness Challenge was founded by David Lyons, in 2006, David started to feel a pinch in his arm while training in the gym. A life-long body builder, he thought little of it until his symptoms worsened to partial paralysis. He was then hospitalized and diagnosed with Multiple Sclerosis at the age of 47. David’s condition worsened as the lesions in his brain led to problems affecting his coordination, concentration, motor functions, and eyesight. He was told by doctors that we would likely be wheelchair bound for life, unlikely to return to the gym, and that his condition would only worsen over time.

It was then that David decided to fight back against the disease that had stolen his life. Although his doctors thought he was insane, David decided to return to the gym and restart his body building training. With his faithful team of experts and mentors, he set out to achieve an impossible goal. Through exercise, nutrition, and willpower, Lyons was able to overcome the effects of his symptoms, and in 2009, was awarded “Most Inspirational Body Builder” during his first competition.

Since then, David and his wife Kendra founded the MS Fitness Challenge to educate and inspire others suffering from MS worldwide. The MS Fitness Challenge mission states that is seeks to provide guidance and support to people with MS and fitness professionals worldwide in an effort to promote the benefits of exercise and nutrition in winning the battle against Multiple Sclerosis. MS Fitness Challenge provides those with MS free training and knowledge, funded solely through the donations of its supporters. MS Fitness Challenge is a 501(c)(3) not-for-profit organization and 100% of all donations go to funding the program for its participants.

Winning the battle against MS

Although David Lyons was able to successfully fight Multiple Sclerosis through a strict regimen of diet and exercise, he wanted to ensure he was doing everything he could to stay fit. Multiple Sclerosis can be managed with treatment, but there is currently no cure for the disease. For that reason, David came to DVC Stem years ago to use the regenerative and anti-inflammatory attributes of stem cells to aid in his fight for fitness. The positive results he experienced enabled David to stay strong in the gym, now into his 60s, and that is why he continues to support our clinic to this day.

The partnership allows DVC Stem to offer MS Fitness Challenge members reduced pricing for treatment. As a stem cell therapy pioneer, DVC has been offering stem cell therapies for years and has become a cornerstone of the medical tourism industry.

Located in the tropical paradise of Grand Cayman in the Western Caribbean, DVC Stem offers patients a nearby alternative to traveling long distances and to less ideal locations. Our protocols are IRB approved, and our cells come from regulated, U.S. based, FDA compliant laboratories.

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